Immerse yourself in creativity and discover how our community transforms their spaces with the amazing artwork from Pasquín Store. Find inspiring decoration ideas and new ways to beautify your home with our exclusive posters.

Inspiration 1

Pasquins of different sizes allow you to create 100% customized compositions, no matter the available space.

Photo: @isamnndz

Inspiration 2

Decorating your surroundings is a vital process if you want to connect with your inner self. It requires exploring your tastes to create a pleasant and cozy place to live.

Photo: @franidai

Inspiration 3

We witness how the versatility of designs in our posters can fill any space with color.

Photo: @jarewill_

Inspiration 4

With the right pasquín, your spaces will shine even at night.

Photo: @na.ubilla

Inspiration 5

Decorating with Pasquín is about adding a touch of love to the spaces you inhabit daily.

Photo: @javihorta

Inspiration 8

No matter the space you want to decorate, your Pasquín will maintain its delicacy and quality for a long time.

Photo: @na.ubilla

Inspiration 7

Pasquín is present in every space of your home, creating unique and diverse compositions. Explore the creativity of your home!

Photo: Valentina Octavia

Inspiration 10

We create the pasquines, and you bring the creativity. Just like mosaics, which can be used as decorative pieces on any surface.

Photo: Karina Fuentes

Inspiration 11

With Pasquín, turn your spaces into original and cozy places. Don't forget to include mini posters when creating a new space.

Photo: Darinka Šitić

Inspiration 12

A lovely example of how you can refresh your walls with adhesive posters, making every space special and memorable.

Photo: @catadamm

Inspiration 13

This is how beautiful your space will look with adhesive posters. They are perfect because you can stick them on all types of surfaces.

Photo: @fernazals

Inspiration 14

Objects, walls, furniture... no matter the surface. There's a Pasquín or sticker for every place in your life :)

Photo: Sofía Zelada

Inspiration 16

A perfect relaxing space above the sofa with Pasquines of different colors and styles.

Photo: @c.franu

Inspiration 17

Your home office could look as lovely as this with a well-selected collection of Pasquines.

Photo: María Fernanda Betancourt

Inspiration 18

Express your unique style and change the atmosphere in an instant, effortlessly. Discover versatility and limitless design.

Photo: Jacinta Matus

Inspiration 19

Your home turned into a museum... every detail matters!

Photo: @diandra_kizu

Inspiration 20

See how well Pasquines combine with plants? Personalize without limits and change styles whenever you want, as many times as you want.

Photo: Francisca Jara

Inspiration 21

Inspiring workshops: there's nothing better than a good collection of Pasquines to foster creativity.

Inspiration 22

With Pasquín, you can create a unique and cozy atmosphere, adapting to your tastes at any moment.

Photo: María Belén Pérez

Inspiration 24

No matter how many Pasquines you use, the important thing is the creativity to combine them, just like Angélica has done.

Photo: @angiepash

Inspiration 25

Do you work from home? If so, with Tienda Pasquín, you can create the home office of your dreams, 100% customized.

Photo: @camisaurio24

La Casa de Juana

La Casa de Juana is an inspiration for Pasquín Store. They know how to make the most of their wonderful properties with our XL Pasquines.

Photo: @lacasadejuana


This decorative marvel created by La Casa de Juana shows us the endless possibilities that Pasquines can offer.

Photo: @lacasadejuana


No matter the decorative style of the property, La Casa de Juana knows exactly which Pasquín to choose and where to place it for a perfect look.

Photo: @lacasadejuana

Inspiration 29

Nadia knows how to create intimate spaces and make a home anywhere. This is how she designed her living room with our XL Poster.

Photo: @nadiacoliflor

Inspiration 30

Few people have managed to make the most of light like our dear Nadia with the Pasquín glass deco. Look at the light effects in the room!

Foto: @nadiacoliflor